Alien Resurrection


The story begins 200 years after "Alien 3". First, a giant med spaceship is found alone in space. They are breeding Alien creatures on board. In addition they have cloned Ripley, who died in "Alien 3." When space pirates deliver a cargo of suspended animation humans to the medical vessel, for the purposes of gestating more aliens. Soon things go very wrong, with Ripley and the pirates battling the medical ship's crew as well as aliens. Some of the surviving space pirates, and Ripley, escape from the Alien infested medical vessel. Soon, they are headed for Earth with an dangerous Alien-human hybrid on board, leading to a dramatic conclusion.

A Mon Avis

John-I think that the movie was pretty good. I prefer City of Lost Children but I do believe that the movie was good. Alien Resurrection is like the other alien movies except that Jean-Pierre is directing it. The scenes resemble those of City of Lost Children with their dark theme. Personally, I like Winona Ryder in the movie, maybe because I like Winona Ryder in any role. Ron Perlman and the man that plays the clones in City of Lost Children are in Alien Resurrection also. As some people say movies are of a phallic quality, this movie is quite more vaginal, the movie needs to be seen to understood though

Matt-Alien Resurrection is by far Jeunet's most accessible film. However in contrast to the other Alien films, Alien Resurrection us a collage of interesting camera angles and striking visual images. That's not to say the other alien films didn't contain any interesting camera work. However Alien Resurrection is a foray into more experimental territory as Jeunet uses the familiar story line as a canvas on which to paint his patented portraits. The movie includes extreme close-ups, baroque lighting, and bizarre visuals. Jeunet includes several actors from previous films. As a result one comes away from this film with a feeling of more than simply watching one movie, but rather having experienced Jeunet's film making in its entirety.

Reagan-The same kind of darkness seen in City of Lost Children prevails in Alien Resurrection, also seen are similar camera angles. However, this film in order to appeal to the American public contains more violence and intense action. The director definitely compromises his visual style in order to appeal to the main stream Hollywood public.

Brian-This is Jeunet's first attempt at an American film, and throws off the genre of film he previously employed. Due to the American audience, and the ideal of profit, he was more constrained to what he could interpret from the script. However he does significantly change what the previous Alien movies were. He introduced a strange approach to the aliens, and allows the audience to develop empathy for the creature to an extent. He also brings in an android with Sigourney having been reborn with alien genes included. This movie employs the American tradition of sex, blood, gore, and more recently popular sympathy for everyone. The assumptions are that everyone is good at heart, and has reasons for their actions. The plot despite these changes are quite similar to the other Alien films.

Mark-Alien Resurrection is certainly an engaging film, if not a completely wonderful one. Jeunet's style as a filmmaker was no doubt the main influence on the films looks and developed into a neo-noir meets sci-fi meets 80's horror gore. Jeunet's own influences are obvious also. He must of attended class on the day they discussed Terry Gilliam. What exactly is Jeunet's fascination with weird doctors with white lab coats. I'm not sure but I don know that Jeunet's oddness works seamlessly with the 4th chapter of one of the most important sci-fi series of our generation. The film also boasts a run of the mill performance by Sigourney Weaver. Weaver and co-stars (and man-oh-man! Does she look good in this movie), the lovely Winona Ryder. So all in all, this worth dropping a buck or two, to check this flick out.