La Cite des Enfants Perdus


A surrealist French fairy tale, this film follows the exploits of a dimwitted circus strongman and his 9-year-old partner as they try to save their kidnapped friends from an evil scientist. The scientist, who is aging prematurely due to an inability to dream, captures children so he may invade their dreams and make them his own. This movie was a first of its kind because it employed extensive use of computer animation, something not found in French films until then.

A Mon Avis

John-This is Jeunet at his best. This is an ideal film for anyone that was interested in seeing the style that Jeunet uses and employs to create his bizarre and surreal worlds. I didn't know that Ron Perlman could speak French, he must of only taken French 506 because he couldn't say much beyond "petit frère". It is though a very good movie. The character that plays the strongman's sidekick Miette, is going to be an amazing French actress. She is pretty, and will develop into a wonderful actress over time. This is my favorite Jeunet movie by far because of the strange camera angles, and Jules-Vernish sets.

Matt-City of Lost Children clearly illustrates Jeunet's flare for bizarre story lines and crisp vivid imagery. Perhaps this film is the most appropriate film to review as it is a middle ground between the more extreme Delicatessen, and American Alien Resurrection. City of Lost Children is a wonderful film to introduce oneself to Jeunet's film making style. It is a taste of eye candy at its finest, and the story line is coherent enough to hold the attention of the viewer, who hopes to find more than pretty pictures and an authors signature scribbled over every scene. In other words Jeunet achieves balance in City of Lost Children, he tantalizes the viewer and ignites the audiences interest.

Reagan-City of Lost Children takes place in a post apocalyptic surrealist world where mechanized and contrived individuals long to steal the dreams of young children. Dreams are a rare novelty which provide youth and an escape from the darkness of their reality.

Brian-Jeunet takes a surrealist view at dreams as an access to dreams and childhood innocence. He incorporates many oddities into the film, most of which have little to do with the plot, and the connections are not made between the characters until after a series of scenes.

Mark-City of Lost Children is a messed up movie. Its a pretty neat postmodern surrealist piece. There were a strong dichotomies between children and adults as children are able to dream, and adults aren't able to. I wasn't too crazy about the pedophilia. That really bugged me. The child actors were impressive nonetheless. All in all, its worth the dollar to rent City of Lost Children