A sweet-natured clown moves into a rundown apartment building where he finds a hodgepodge of comic oddball tenants with a taste for the bizarre--and a management with a taste for the tenants. "Delicatessen,'' made in 1992, was a futuristic comedy about cannibalism, of all things -- wildly visual, but with almost no discernible plot. Delicatessen definitely was not a movie that had broad American appeal, so Jeunet and his movies remained still a part of cult movie culture

A Mon Avis

This film is very strange. At first it was assumed to be a normal French film, weird but artistic. The film was artistic and weird, but it pushed the limits, maybe something that sets Jeunet apart from other directors. He is considered the Terry Gilliam of the French because of his surreal and bizarre worlds that are a very spelled out and defined part of the plot. This is shown in Delicatessen but much more in City of Lost Children