A Jules Verne Timeline

1828 Born February 8 in Nantes, the son of Pierre Verne, an attorney, and Sophie Allotte de la Fuÿe

1833-1846 Educated in private and public schools in Nantes

1839 Attempts to run away from home but caught by father

1846-1849 Further educated at law in Paris at his fathers wishes

1851-1852 Tells father that literature, not law, is his calling

1857 Marries Honorine du Fraysne de Viane on January 10

1861 Birth of son, Michel, on August 5

1862 Gives draft of Five Weeks in a Balloon to Hetzel, who offers Verne a writing contract

1863 First publication of Five Weeks in a Balloon; receives major success

1864 Writes Journey to the Center of the Earth

1865 Writes From the Earth to the Moon

1869-1870 Writes Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea; as a member of Legion of Honor, serves in coast guard during the Franco-Prussian War

1872 His small family moves to Amiens; receives awards from French Academy

1873 Writes Around the World in Eighty Days

1878 Travels to Portugal, Gibraltar, and North Africa

1880-1881 Travels to the North Sea and Scandinavia

1884 Writes The Southern Star Mystery

1886 Shot by his crazy cousin, Gaston, on March 9 which leaves him permanently disabled; his friend Hetzel dies March 17

1889 Elected to Amiens city council

1895 Writes Propeller Island 1896 Is sued by inventor but wins in trial

1901 Writes The Aerial Village

1904 Writes Master of the World

1905 Writes The Invasion of the Sea and Lighthouse at the End of the World; dies on March 24

1905-1919 Michel, Verne's son, finishes and publishes his father's non-released manuscripts

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